Sunday, March 13, 2011

As if it wasn't enough that I subjected Heinali and Matt Finney to the band of the week treatment the other day, I still have to inflict further public misery on the poor duo and rope Matt in for the 10 rounds. It's his own damn fault for being such a cool dude and saying yes. Besides being funny, he also reveals some interesting stuff about the way of working of this kickass project, and is a shining example for the youth of our nations interested in music, as you will see if you can be bothered to actually read something on this blog instead of just landing here looking for mediafire links or horny milfs in your area (seriously, one day I'll have to post some of the google searches that land people here). You might have noticed I haven't posted this on Thursday, or whatever the hell the proper day was. I think the blog was getting a bit too crowded with these interviews, so they might be a bit sparser from now on, but always frequent. Not only there's a sizeable backlog, but I still know way too many people who are willing to go on the retard ride with me.

1. So you met your bandmate through MySpace. How geeky is that, eh?
Yeah, it's really fucking geeky. But we make up for it by being raging alcoholics and drug addicts. That's still cool, right?
[listen up, kids.]

2. How is it making music with someone you’ve never met? Do you think the music would turn out different if Heinali lived next door?
Not as difficult as you would imagine. We've worked it out pretty well. It probably wouldn't be that different than it is now. We know exactly what kind of music we want to create and we communicate that to the best of our abilities. We're like brothers already so the only difference would be us being able to brood together instead of doing it across the world from each other.

3. I know the first band you remember listening is Tears For Fears. You can improve that image a bit by revealing other less embarrassing bits of your musical upbringing.
You can thank my older sister for that but I'll always have a soft spot for them. Everybody has embarrassing shit that they listen to and don't want anyone to find out about. Nirvana is another early influence. I remember watching the "Heart-Shaped Box" video when I was a kid and thinking "holy shit!" Kurt's writing is and will always be a huge influence. The Cure are another and after I found about them I got into Joy Division. Heinali's turned me onto The Angelic Process and Nadja and a million other heavy bands. It's been a slow descent into moody/depressing music since.

4. Are you entirely sober when you write and/or record your vocal parts? Just wonderin’.
God, no!
[another valuable lesson, children!]

5. Not that the cover itself isn’t amazing, but could you not have chosen any other Radiohead song to cover besides Creep?
We were gonna do "Exit Music" but it got lost in the shuffle. All of Radiohead's songs have been covered to death so it's unavoidable but hopefully we put a fresh spin on it that everyone can appreciate.
[seriously people, go listen to it.]

6. I assume you and Heinali don’t live off your artsy drone ambient albums, especially since they’re all free. What are your jobs/occupations?
We make a pretty decent amount (thanks to everyone that pitches in when we release albums). This is our full time job. Some days are better than others but we're having a blast.
[lesson #3, little ones: when your parents order you to get proper jobs and wear a tie, tell them to go fuck themselves. People do live off artsy drone ambient albums in this world, see?]

7. Speaking of your free music, do you ever imagine yourselves ever actually selling the records?
We actually have to take that on in April. Paradigms Recordings is putting out the Conjoined re-release and then following that up with the new album Ain't No Night. It's scary as hell but a lot of people seem eager to hear the new songs and we're super proud of it. We're aiming for album of the year but I don't think that's gonna happen. Either way, it's gonna be an awesome time.

8. I take it you’ve received quite a lot of feedback for the stuff you do and some of it must surely be passionate. Have you felt that your music might have changed someone’s life? What’s that feeling like? And do you have groupies?
The people that do enjoy our music are extremely passionate about it and that's incredible. I love hearing that people are into what we're doing and that it strikes a nerve in them. That's the whole point, right? I remember talking with a listener for weeks about how our songs helped him deal with some of his own problems and situations that he had went through and I was overwhelmed by it. When we first started I never expected to have a situation like that with anyone but I'm humbled and grateful for it. Thanks to everyone that likes our music and has shared an experience. And, unfortunately, no groupies as of yet. We're in deseperate need of them. Maybe we'll lighten up after they arrive.

9. What’s up with Finneyerkes? Does it still actually exist?
Finneyerkes isn't active. We haven't recorded anything new in almost a year but never count us out. We might record another album down the road. Randy and me are still the best of friends. This band with Heinali is where my heart is and where I'm focusing.

10. For list-question, since you have paid homage to The Angelic Process before, give us your top five The Angelic Process songs.

Everyone needs to go buy/download all of their records. The Angelic Process are the greatest band ever and you need their music in your life. Here are my 5:
1. The Promise of Snakes
2. Burning in the Undertow of God
3. Crippled Healing
4. The Resonance of Goodbye
5. Rid The Past By Dying

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